Why choose us

Our mission is to use our expertise to contribute to the success of enterprises. We believe that only purposeful work, commitment to customers and quality service lead to true value. Our goal is to provide our customers with useful and comprehensible solutions that can ensure that our partners make sound decisions.

  • Our company was founded to provide premium tax support to our customers.
  • When preparing our resolutions, we keep comprehensibility and clarity in mind. We pay attention to the business practices of our Clients, and with our suggestions we contribute to the reduction and elimination of the tax risks that may arise.
  • As a result of our experience in the financial sector, we have comprehensive knowledge of the tax implications of banking, investment and insurance products. We also know the peculiarities of the operation of financial undertakings and financial institutions at the operational level, and we can help with tax issues arising from the complex regulation that applies to them.
  • In addition to tax-related issues, our experts can also provide support for issues arising in other areas (IT, Hungarian and IFRS accounting, real estate management, electronic invoicing, document archiving, etc.).
  • We provide up-to-date information, industry-specific newsletters to our Clients on tax law changes, so they can prepare for the anticipated tax changes.
  • Our consulting services are also available in English for our Clients.